Credit Union Salary Deduction

Support your staff to build savings and borrow affordably
Why Credit Unions

Financial well-being as an employee benefit, in partnership with your local credit union.

Encouraging Saving

Make salary-deducted savings accounts available to your staff as a free employee benefit—a proven way to boost financial well-being.

Staff Loans

Provide your employees with good-value and trustworthy options for both planned and emergency borrowing.

Financial Education

Through workshops and site visits, a credit union can be your partner in providing informal tips and financial education for staff.

Community & ESR

Credit unions are member-owned and not-for-profit, and partnering with one supports their wider work in your local community.


Credit unions have been partnering with employers to offer staff financial benefits for decades.


All UK credit unions are regulated by the FCA and the PRA, and deposits up to £85,000 are covered by the FSCS


As not-for-profit and member-owned institutions, a credit union can be trusted to do right by your staff. 

I love Christmas, but I dread it because it’s a
struggle and get in even more debt. So, I thought if I could join a credit union and
thought if I put something away every month. Because, it goes straight out of your wages.”
Rachel, York NHS Employee

Supported by Research

Independent research supported by the Money Advice Service shows that credit union salary deduction schemes are effective in supporting staff to save regularly, as well as providing an ethical alternative to high-cost borrowing.

850 Employers across the UK

Some of the UK’s largest public and private sector employers offer salary deduction schemes in partnership with credit unions. This includes local authorities, NHS Trusts and the UK armed forces.


Of employees participating in a salary deduction scheme report saving regularly, compared to 44% among non-members

Simple to set up, low-cost to run

Whether you are a team of 10 or 10,000, setting up a workplace salary deduction scheme is  straightforward, with no ongoing costs or risky IT.

Trusted by businesses, SMEs and major public sector employers

Credit unions are trusted by some of the UK’s largest employers to provide financial employee benefits to their staff, and in many cases have had schemes in place for decades. The list includes government departments, NHS Trusts, local authorities and major household brands.


This government is determined to help credit unions provide these services to even more people. That is why I am today urging private sector employers and wider society to consider what more they can do to promote the use of credit unions among their employees and communities.

Andrea Leadsom MP
Former Economic secretary to the Treasury

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